FridayAugust 25th


Letters are for more than reading
Letterforms can communicate in many more ways than merely spelling. When it comes to visual identity design, the power, effectiveness, and durability of a logotype is unwavering. In this workshop students will learn how and when a logotype should be used, methods to strategically define visual attributes, how to identify conceptual starting points for a design, and work to create letterforms that can become an iconic and enduring logotype.

Students can come with a company name to design for, or I will have fictitious companies with descriptions to pick from.

  • Overview, logotypes from around the world.
  • Letterform Styles. What do they communicate?
  • Strategic ideation.
  • Visual starting points.
  • Sketching.
  • Review one.
  • Ligatures and special interactions.
  • Refining sketches.
  • Digitizing letters and kerning.
  • Review two.
  • Color. Another way to communicate.
  • Discussion. Supporting typography and other elements.
  • Finalizing designs.

What Else Is Included:
Limited edition custom screen printed poster Drawing materials for the day
LunchSnacks and drinks throughout the day

What You Need to Bring
Working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
Your own laptop (with the above products installed)
A company name to design
A smartphone to transfer sketch to computer
Sketchbook and any drawing materials you’ll want to use

About Mackey Saturday

Good design creates a sense of place and a sense of pride. Nowhere is this a truer statement than when it comes to visual identities. For more than a decade, Mackey Saturday has focused his dedication to art and visual communication to help brands of all sizes find their place through idea-driven strategy and smart and simple design. After running his own studios in San Francisco and Denver, he now spends his days in New York, working shoulder-to-shoulder with some of his personal heroes at Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv—the branding and graphic design firm responsible for iconic logos for companies including NBC, Mobil, and Chase Bank.